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Anton Exner
2 min readJul 11, 2020


Everything you can imagine is real.

Along Google’s latest announcement of acquiring North to expand their ambitions towards Augmented Reality / ambient computing, I’d like to share my *core idea of Solvish – a platform for social problems, that went live on 11.11.2011.

Already during my studies, I was encouraged to implement this technology in branding experiences:

Teamwork with a fellow student / friend

I came across a damaged fence once and imagined, that it would be great to place location-based requests, which will appear on AR devices so somebody might fix it. Such an implementation seemed out of reach at the time, so the workaround of using a map did the job:

Screenshot of

Meanwhile, AR became mainstream, but is still mostly used for entertainment purposes, instead of preserving our precious ‘reality’. That’s why I want to encourage people or companies like Google / Rick Osterloh, Niantic / John Hanke, Adobe / Stefano Corazza, … to develop the real version of Solvish with me.


*Along my article I kind of predicted that kind of social engagement for @adidas. In this manner the company ‘DEED’ takes care of what I wanted to achieve with solvish.

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