Divine Feminine

Anton Exner
2 min readNov 8, 2019

Nature’s calling.

Perception of Gaia by ‘Animatrix’


It obviously means chaos when the creating force is threatened by the preserving one. Therefore, the striking femininity of today is more than welcome. While masculine traits like disruption have shaped events in the past, it is now time to heal in order to restore balance.


The accompanying debate on equality or quota is important, but in my view only short-lived. Perhaps we should think more in terms of how absolutely necessary female qualities are for business purposes — far from superficialities. For example, to pursue collaboration instead of competition.


Along with this blossoming awareness, it is also evident that the sense for nature evolves. Whether indicated by the Fridays For Future movement, growing care for animals, or acceptance of alternative medicine. At least since consumption has changed as well, the market follows up, although it would have been more noble the other way around …

From a spiritual point of view, there is a collective transition from ‘ego’ to ‘consciousness’ happening. And since your already know that your hips don’t lie, it is important to be aware of the momentum and nimbly align with intuition, which is doing what feels right.

Viva la figa,

Anton| www.antonexner.com |Creative Shaman — guiding businesses to conscious-driven solutions 🖤

PS. Gaia is calling. Seriously. She feels ill, tends to doubt and eye-rolls over our bullshit, but keeps being proud, supportive, loving and most importantly always believing in us.



Anton Exner

Creative Shaman | www.antonexner.com — guiding businesses to conscious-driven solutions 🖤