Anton Exner

May 28, 2018

1 min read

Influencer Marketing

You do you.

Saluton Media Agencies,

let’s agree, that Influencers are people who found a way to follow their own self-determined passions by using a combination of digital possibilities that pays the bills. Media Agencies are multipliers who are strengthening the commercialization and have an interest that this type of marketing achieves a lasting acceptance.

This requires maintenance.


While Media Agencies swarm around emerging or established Influencers, it makes sense to care about the offspring (no age limit) by raising awareness for individual passions and the outlook to make a living out of it.

How can Media Agencies present themselves here as “enablers”?


Through cooperations with companies like Headspace for instance — along exclusive meditation episodes, that are shaping the awareness of one’s own and often hidden passions.

In addition an application is going to be set up, which serves as a guide and is equivalent to a toolkit. Whether the use of social media channels, conducive restrictions similar to an elevator pitch or accompanying motivations to keep on track. Furthermore, various options with selfdefined preferences are showing how this passion can be financed — such as the integration of possible partnerships like investors or associations.

What’s in for Media Agencies?


Next to insights, the opportunity to make a value-oriented contribution that has a positive effect on the own core business. It furthermore would strengthen the portfolio with many ambitious “Micro-Influencers”.

What’s next?


Regarding this background I would like to assist Media Agencies to set up a communication strategy, such as partnerships and the mentioned application.