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Anton Exner
2 min readDec 3, 2018

Ready to get my hands dirty.

Saluton starseeds of Kalu Yala,

I would love to empower your students in launching their services and products by applying the Design Sprint approach. As a certified Design Sprint Master I’m convinced it is one of the most effective methods for prototyping.

Furthermore, I would set up Design Sprint workshops based on your values to create new partnerships with companies. Sustainable living, inspiring location, healthy nutrition and mindful activities such as meditation or yoga would help the businesses tackle their challenges from a different perspective. Besides income, this would be also a learning opportunity for the students who could participate in testing the product or getting fully involved in the process.

In my past I strived to encourage companies to focus on business solutions with social impact:

I also developed a non-profit startup that maps social problems and encourages people or companies, such as schools to solve them:

Here, on this blog I write about the potential of embracing a purpose-driven business. Especially encouraging companies to support education and self-realization of people. As a reference I would like to recommend you my applications at WeWork and WeGrow. They sum up my current ambitions, that I also see in good hands with you:

In addition I would also like to suggest you potential Kalu Yala members. For instance a gorgeous couple: She is about to finish her studies in urban planning and is full of delightful energy and he has a heart of gold and a hands-on mentality. You would love them, I promise! We are not really friends, we just know each other from a magical place. So let me know if I should make the connection.

I feel a calling to the jungle. A place free of distractions, material possessions, and toxic influences — being home again. I also noticed that I’m surrounded by many Spanish speaking friends, which is why I wish for a final push to learn this language. Finally I have recently read in a charming hippie book that dopamine is released when we build or harvest. So I’m very much looking forward to get my hands dirty by getting involved in your programs and supporting our way of life.


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