Anton Exner
2 min readNov 26, 2019


Express yourself.

Saluton Mastercard,

Your claim ‘priceless’ always fascinated me, it’s just … priceless. But in my eyes it lacks in expression. Especially regarding todays demands of society, backed up by human-centered marketing approaches.


Money for possessions surely stays relevant, but looses more and more its affection in that matter. The new status will be defined by investing in oneself based on personal experiences, achievements or relationships.

Therefore it would be worthwhile for Fintech business to encourage people for new perceptions like ‘what if money was no object’. Assuming that this way of thinking would make money less desirable is short minded. It just turns financial wealth into a consequence instead of a goal, which is far more aspiring, right?

While the ego of adults might be challenging, how about inspiring the most imaginary entities on earth with such an attitude? Since you already create valuable services like ‘credit academy’ in order to educate kids that money needs to be earned and managed …

… I wonder if it furthermore might lead to higher ambitions? So next to helping parents with groceries or cleaning dishes for candy or toys, these tasks can be aligned as stepping stones for dream jobs like becoming a famous chef in the most beautiful restaurant one day.


Mastercard is all about credits, which is related to appreciation. Turning over to grown-ups, you would lead by example if supporting social innovation or raising the voice for basic income so people are able to pursue self-realization without having existential fear or limitations like making compromises.

We are all aware about the urgent issues of the planet. The fun fact is, that the current conditions are perfect to make profit by doing good. In this spirit: Healing the world seems impossible. Yet tackle it, priceless!


Anton | |Creative Shaman — guiding business to conscious-driven solutions

PS. Your logo looks like duality on its way to oneness. May I accomplish it?



Anton Exner

Creative Shaman | — guiding businesses to conscious-driven solutions 🖤