Nokia — Leaving The Matrix

Anton Exner
1 min readApr 30, 2018

Connecting People.

Saluton Nokia,

unfortunately you still invest effort on the distribution of smartphones …

… at least you outline what traditionally made Nokia special: Reliability.

Let Go

It seems like

is clinging to nostalgia, on successes of the past. Furthermore, in a market that is dominated by other providers and not longer desirable anyway. The relaunch of a model related to the Matrix Film series is a low point in this manner… Therefore I suggest to move on, while stick to the timeless guiding theme: Reliability.

Be present

The digital world is euphoric about transformation processes. New products such as services along current trends like Health-, Fin- or Insurtech are on the rise. Reliability is crucial here. And who else, but Nokia, should know it best how vital realignments are. Regarding this background Nokia owns enough authenticity to get involved in various industries.


Nokia has created with Vertu Series something ahead of its time. Not particularly the mobile phones, but the concierge service, that unfortunately no longer exists. A relaunch that is accessible for everyone would have an exciting potential in this service-oriented age.

So how about positioning yourself as a consultancy that ‘connects people’ by improving the interplay of products and services?


I hope to explore and implement service-oriented concepts with you.

Follow the rabbit,

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