Nokia — Leaving the Matrix

Connecting People.

Saluton Nokia,

because of the following commercial I noticed that you still invest much effort on the distribution of smartphones …

The commercial outlines what traditionally has made Nokia so special: Reliability. This distinctive mark refers to the longevity of the devices, which is composed by the robust processing and battery performance. And so this association is provided within the communication — although this need is irrelevant for the smartphone market.

Let Go

Be present


In addition, with Vertu Series Nokia has created something that was ahead of its time. Not necessarily the mobile phones, but the concierge service, which unfortunately no longer exists. A more modern relaunch, for example as a compatible version, would have an exciting potential in this service-oriented age.

Another recommendation of mine would be a positioning as a consulting company in order to advise or invest in products or services of other providers along its in-house values and experiences.




Edit: The motivation came from the news around the smartphone market. So I discovered afterwards that Nokia is already active in the health market and puts an extensive focus on service in general.

However, I would like to interpret this circumstance as a confirmation. Namely that I had a similar view from a detached position. Nevertheless, I think that Nokia still lacks in having a central topic. This is why I would like to accompany Nokia in their self-discovery, as well as in the continuation of the service-oriented approach.

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