Spirituality is an individual journey and mine started a few years ago with a quest: To find out what the light means. I remembered. And as my perception of it grows, I only wish to have discovered it earlier. That’s why I want kids to be aware of it.


  1. Set up life lessons based on spiritual guidelines and become a mentor at educational institutions.


To raise the frequency, I want to suggest three (guest) mentors who would be a perfect fit to your approach, because they show that magic truly exist. Followed up by three projects of mine that might be in good hands with you.

Catching Dreams

Vinny and I are from the same tribe and if there is one word that could possibly capture him, it’s ‘craft’.

Holistic Healing

Alice is practicing Homeopathy & Alternative Therapies
(Medicine of the Soul) and told me one of the most inspiring things: ‘Kids are our teachers’.

Sound Poems

Solange captures the wisdom of nature and forwarded me this wonderful guided meditation which she used for children in low income schools and hospitals in México.


For my final major project I created a concept for an application to improve homework. I also tried to implement it at companies like Google for instance.


To foster value-driven communication solutions, I developed a platform that gave people and companies an opportunity to solve or create awareness for social problems. Admiring the Service Learning approach, I also offered this platform for schools.

The Perfect Classroom


The path of spirituality is an ongoing battle, so one should be prepared by knowing a thing or two about the laws of the universe.

I do yoga, meditate, focus on healthy nutrition, … the whole enchilada. So I wish for a space to learn even more about these topics and share the knowledge.


I’d love to know more about your ambitions and challenges. Furthermore it would be my pleasure to prepare and present to you 11 of my favorite lessons for kids.



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Anton Exner

Anton Exner

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