Do it.

Saluton WeWork,

As a member of WeWork I recently had the pleasure to listen to Mick McConnell. His presentation inspired me to apply for a Brand Strategy & Business Design role at your company.

You have my attention

Get schooled, brands!

And so I was blown away by the impact you’re making with WeGrow. From a business perspective it’s also a brilliant way to create a full circle — raise conscious, independent individuals with entrepreneurial skills, or in other words, your future members.


Ideas on individuality

  1. Embed unique products of your members in your environment and services. That way you will support current members and attract new ones.
  2. Get involved in politics and take a stance on improving conditions for freelancers, remote workers, and self-employed people. Voice your opinion on basic income. Foster partnerships that offer service bundles (transportation, food, tools, paperwork, etc.) to make it easier for people to follow their dreams.
  3. Set up dedicated spaces where members can craft and prototype. Enable a culture of ‘more doing, less talking’. These spaces would be also great settings for Jake Knapp’s trending method of Design Sprints, for instance. I’m certified to moderate Design Sprints, too. In addition, consider an exclusive partnership with Casey Neistat and his ‚368’ project.

Old Work

In love what you do

We are one,

FYI: I’m also applying to WeGrow. / CV and Portfolio

P.S. Please keep in mind, that we might be trusted for what we have done, but should be employed for what we want to do.

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