Conscious Transformation — Approach

Anton Exner
2 min readNov 11, 2019


With ‘Purpose’ on the rise, ‘Digital Transformation’ needs to follow suit. In this spirit I want to promote a concious-driven communication strategy.

Next to a collection of references, find here my own examples that this approach matters:


Life is less about what happens, but how you respond.

So free yourself from being a victim.

Wether you are a health insurance or an eyewear manufacturer that changes perspectives. For instance from being buried to actually been planted …


You are not your thoughts.
In this manner a why, can overcome any how.

Wether you are a financial service or an educational institution that inspires to think about a living if money wasn’t an issue.


Before fixing the world, get yourself together.
So develop daily achievements that serve inner peace.

Wether you are a dating service or a furniture shop that excites to make the bed first thing in the morning.


Let’s create selfcare based communication solutions in order to foster a valuable relationship with your stakeholders.


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