Social Memory Complex.

Here’s a regularly updated collection of reflections that a conscious-driven approach matters:

Calvin Klein — One Future

The brand enlisted 11 everyday young adults across the country to share their own experiences, perspectives and hopes for the future.

pinqponq — Unisex Apparel

“… The unisex idea originally comes from early sportswear, which allowed women to wear pants during sports. This developed into a fashion movement in which the gender recedes into the background. However, unisex also means less complexity and thus a more sustainable collection structure by avoiding overproduction.”

LEGO — Wind Turbine

Inspiring playfully for sustainably, manufactured from sourced plant-based plastic.

Hornbach — Day One Camps

The hardware store offers space for children to improve their social and of course crafting skills in order to build a better world.

TED — Words And Actions Shape Your Brain

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.”

Deloitte Trend Report — Purpose Is Everything

“…Purpose-driven companies witness higher market share gains and grow three times faster on average than their competitors.”

To be continued …

Everything you can imagine is real.

Along Google’s latest announcement of acquiring North to expand their ambitions towards Augmented Reality / ambient computing, I’d like to share my core idea of Solvish – a platform for social problems, that went live on 11.11.2011.

Already during my studies, I was encouraged to implement this technology in branding experiences:

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Teamwork with a fellow student / friend

I came across a damaged fence once and imagined, that it would be great to place location-based requests, which will appear on AR devices so somebody might fix it. …

Express yourself.

Saluton Mastercard,

Your claim ‘priceless’ always fascinated me, it’s just … priceless. But in my eyes it lacks in expression. Especially regarding todays demands of society, backed up by human-centered marketing approaches.

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Money for possessions surely stays relevant, but looses more and more its affection in that matter. The new status will be defined by investing in oneself based on personal experiences, achievements or relationships.

Therefore it would be worthwhile for Fintech business to encourage people for new perceptions like ‘what if money was no object’. Assuming that this way of thinking would make money less desirable is short minded. …


With ‘Purpose’ on the rise, ‘Digital Transformation’ needs to follow suit. In this spirit I want to promote a concious-driven communication strategy.

Next to collection of references, find here my own examples that this approach matters:


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Life is less about what happens, but how you respond.

So free yourself from being a victim.

Wether you are a health insurance or an eyewear manufacturer that changes perspectives. For instance from being buried to actually been planted …


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You are not your thoughts.
In this manner a why, can overcome any how.

Wether you are a financial service or an educational institution that inspires to think about a living if money wasn’t an issue. …

Nature’s calling.

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Perception of Gaia by ‘Animatrix’


It obviously means chaos when the creating force is threatened by the preserving one. Therefore, the striking femininity of today is more than welcome. While masculine traits like disruption have shaped events in the past, it is now time to heal and restore harmony.


The accompanying debate on equality or quota is important, but in my view only short-lived. Perhaps we should think more in terms of how absolutely necessary female qualities are for business purposes — far from superficialities. For example, to pursue collaboration instead of competition.


Along with this blossoming awareness, it is also evident that the sense for nature evolves. Whether indicated by the Fridays For Future movement, growing care for animals, or acceptance of alternative medicine. At least since consumption has changed as well, the market follows up, although it would have been more noble the other way around…

Ready to get my hands dirty.

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Saluton starseeds of Kalu Yala,

I would love to empower your students in launching their services and products by applying the Design Sprint approach. As a certified Design Sprint Master I’m convinced it is one of the most effective methods for prototyping.

Furthermore, I would set up Design Sprint workshops based on your values to create new partnerships with companies. …

Make Believe.

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Saluton WeGrow,

Kids are born woke and it’s our duty to preserve it.

As a member of WeWork I recently had the pleasure to listen to Mick McConnell. His presentation inspired me to apply for a Mentor & Business Development role at your planet.

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Spirituality is an individual journey and mine started a few years ago with a quest: To find out what the light means. I remembered. And as my perception of it grows, I only wish to have discovered it earlier. That’s why I want kids to be aware of the light.

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  1. Set up life lessons based on spiritual guidelines and become a mentor at educational institutions.

Do it.

Saluton WeWork,

As a member of WeWork I recently had the pleasure to listen to Mick McConnell. His presentation inspired me to apply for a Brand Strategy & Business Design role at your company.

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You have my attention

A while ago I stumbled upon your WeLive Concept which showed me that you have figured out your ‘why’. Now you’re much more to me than just a co-working space.

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Get schooled, brands!

My talent is to see opportunities in brands for transformation and social impact. This often led me to encourage them to get involved in education.

And so I was blown away by the impact you’re making with WeGrow. From a business perspective it’s also a brilliant way to create a full circle — raise conscious, independent individuals with entrepreneurial skills, or in other words, your future members. …

Love yourself.

I’d like to use this opportunity to record my previous commitment such as outlining new ideas to improve education:


When the iPad got released, my first intuitive thought was, that such a device would have been a conducive platform for educational software during my school days. That’s why I setup a concept for an application as my final major project.

My approach was to optimize the most elementary part of education: Homework! In this manner it was important to me, that along a specific task collaborative lines of thoughts can be comprehensibly displayed and individual strengths promoted:

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Abstract of screenshots

In addition, I drafted a detailed concept (available on request) that explains the functions and its didactic benefits. …

You do you.

Saluton Media Agencies,

let’s agree, that Influencers are people who found a way to follow their own self-determined passions by using a combination of digital possibilities that pays the bills. Media Agencies are multipliers who are strengthening the commercialization and have an interest that this type of marketing achieves a lasting acceptance.

This requires maintenance.


While Media Agencies swarm around emerging or established Influencers, it makes sense to care about the offspring (no age limit) by raising awareness for individual passions and the outlook to make a living out of it.

How can Media Agencies present themselves here as “enablers”? …


Anton Exner

Creative Shaman | — guiding businesses to conscious-driven solutions 🖤

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