Social Memory Complex.

Here’s a regularly updated collection of reflections that a conscious-driven approach matters:

The brand enlisted 11 everyday young adults across the country to share their own experiences, perspectives and hopes for the future.

“… The unisex idea originally comes from early sportswear, which allowed women to wear…

Everything you can imagine is real.

Along Google’s latest announcement of acquiring North to expand their ambitions towards Augmented Reality / ambient computing, I’d like to share my *core idea of Solvish – a platform for social problems, that went live on 11.11.2011.

Already during my studies, I was encouraged…

Express yourself.

Saluton Mastercard,

Your claim ‘priceless’ always fascinated me, it’s just … priceless. But in my eyes it lacks in expression. Especially regarding todays demands of society, backed up by human-centered marketing approaches.


Money for possessions surely stays relevant, but looses more and more its affection in that matter…


With ‘Purpose’ on the rise, ‘Digital Transformation’ needs to follow suit. In this spirit I want to promote a concious-driven communication strategy.

Next to a collection of references, find here my own examples that this approach matters:


Life is less about what happens, but how you respond.

So free…

Nature’s calling.

Perception of Gaia by ‘Animatrix’


It obviously means chaos when the creating force is threatened by the preserving one. Therefore, the striking femininity of today is more than welcome. While masculine traits like disruption have shaped events in the past, it is now time to heal in order to restore balance.


The accompanying…

Ready to get my hands dirty.

Saluton starseeds of Kalu Yala,

I would love to empower your students in launching their services and products by applying the Design Sprint approach. As a certified Design Sprint Master I’m convinced it is one of the most effective methods for prototyping.

Furthermore, I…

Make Believe.

Saluton WeGrow,

Kids are born woke and it’s our duty to preserve it.

As a member of WeWork I recently had the pleasure to listen to Mick McConnell. His presentation inspired me to apply for a Mentor & Business Development role at your planet.

Do it.

Saluton WeWork,

As a member of WeWork I recently had the pleasure to listen to Mick McConnell. His presentation inspired me to apply for a Brand Strategy & Business Design role at your company.

You have my attention

A while ago I stumbled upon your WeLive Concept which showed me that you…

Love yourself.

I’d like to use this opportunity to record my previous commitment such as outlining new ideas to improve education:

When the iPad got released, my first intuitive thought was, that such a device would have been a conducive platform for educational software during my school days. …

You do you.

Saluton Media Agencies,

let’s agree, that Influencers are people who found a way to follow their own self-determined passions by using a combination of digital possibilities that pays the bills. …

Anton Exner

Creative Shaman | — guiding businesses to conscious-driven solutions 🖤

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